Graphic Services

GS-buttonOur goal is to help you to communicate your ministry and glorify God while saving you ministry dollars. We strive to formulate your content and concepts into a professional quality communications tool that targets your specific audience. You can provide designs for us to print, or we offer custom graphic design for $15 per hour.

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We work in the following areas.

Table & Floor Displays We offer many products tailored to help communicate your message at conferences, homes and individual meetings. A number have been selected for their practicality, cost savings and durability, some of which we manufacture in-house. As a result, we are able to customize displays that fit your specific need.

Graphics & Literature:  These include prayer cards, brochures, newsletters or other communication tools – electronic or tactile. We can produce these from your files or start from a vague idea (keep in mind graphic work is $15 per hour). We will send the finished files to you if local printing is in mind, or for a flat fee of $30 we will research printing prices, prepare your graphics to their specs and submit the job for you.

Logos & Ministry Identity:  Logos are often a first impression, and how people visually identify, and recall your ministry. We can design a new logo, update an existing one, or develop an all inclusive Ministry Identity for you.

Please contact us for custom solutions.

Mobile Apps:  This area is still in development for the Graphic’s area. However, we are available for consultation and preliminary concept design. Implementing will likely be on a case by case basis. Further inquiries can be made to Computer Services.
Custom Signage:
  We are able to provide a limited variety of large custom vinyl and printed signage to ministries within a 50 mile radius of Longview, Texas.

We have established a policy of only providing our services and products to like-minded organizations. Please see our Eligibility Form to begin this process.